Custom Synthesis

Medical Isotopes, Inc. specializes in multi-step custom synthesis for pharmaceutical companies, government, research facilities and hospitals. With more than 40 years experience in custom synthesis, our experts will prepare your compound based upon your specifications and project needs.

  • Synthesis of labeled and unlabeled standards
  • Synthesis of intermediates
  • Metabolites synthesis/characterization
  • Synthetic route development
  • Full characterization by NMR, MS and HPLC

We are always happy to speak with you about your specific needs for your application; and confirm structure and labeling, purity and enrichment before we begin.

Please call 800-374-9513 or 603-635-2255, send a fax to 603-635-2448, e-mail us or use our inquiry form for custom synthesis requests.

Terms and Conditions


Product quotations noted as custom synthesis are subject to a 30% prepayment before synthesis can begin. If there is a cancellation by the customer for any reason, the Seller can request additional payment for time and materials spent up to the date of cancellation, should it exceed the 30% prepayment.

Delivery times:

Delivery times noted on Custom Synthesis are based on a best estimate and cannot always be exact as reaction times may vary. Seller will do their best to assure delivery time is met; however, order cancellation due to delivery date delay will not constitute reason for the return of the 30% down payment.

Special Interest Products

Special Interest Products with “Inquire” Pricing:

Please ask for a quotation for the following products listed below where “inquire” is listed for pricing. These products are usually available with a longer lead time than our other products. In some cases they are considered “Custom Synthesis” and sometimes they are available but with a longer delivery time and are not considered a “Custom Synthesis”. Please inquire for the quantity you would need.


Alphabetic Listing of Custom Synthesis Products

Activators: Agonists
Catalog Number Product Name    
14846 Zamifenacin Details Inquire
14692 Zilpaterol HCl Details Inquire
D14220 Zolmitriptan-d6 (Major) N-Oxide Details Inquire
Agro-Products: Agro Products
Catalog Number Product Name    
D75125 Zilpaterol-d7 HCl Details Inquire
D32041 Zilpaterol-d7 Details Inquire
Amines: Chemical Amines
Catalog Number Product Name    
D75123 Zafirlucast-d7 Details Inquire
CD75124 Zafirlukast-13C,d3 Details Inquire
32025 Zanamivir Amine Triacetate Methyl Ester Details Inquire
32042 Zinc Cysteinate HCl Details Inquire
32045 Ziprasidone Amino Acid(Ziprasidone Impurity C) Details Inquire
32049 ZM 336372 Details Inquire
32051 Zoalene Details Inquire
32063 Zonisamide N,N-Dimethylformimidamide Details Inquire
Anti-Cancer: Anti-cancer compounds
Catalog Number Product Name    
17778 Zalcitabine Details Inquire
17779 Zeniplatin Details Inquire
17780 Zilascorb Details Inquire
17781 Zinostatin Details Inquire
17782 Zorubicin Details Inquire
17783 Zosuquidar Details Inquire
Anti-virals: Anti-viral Compounds
Catalog Number Product Name    
CN32023 Zanamivir-13C,15N2 Details Inquire
32024 Zanamivir Amine Details Inquire
32026 Zanamivir Azide Methyl Ester Details Inquire
32027 Zanamivir Azide Triacetate Methyl Ester Details Inquire
APIs and Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceuticals
Catalog Number Product Name    
D71095 Zeranol-d5 Details Inquire
Aromatics and Derivatives: Aromatic Compounds
Catalog Number Product Name    
32034 Zephirol Details Inquire
D32035 Zephirol-d7 Details Inquire
32040 Zileuton Sulfoxide Details Inquire
32039 Zileuton β-D-Glucuronide Details Inquire
32046 Ziprasidone Sulfone HCl Details Inquire
32047 Ziprasidone Sulfoxide Details Inquire
32050 ZM 447439 Details Inquire
32053 Zofenopril Acyl-β-D-glucuronide Details Inquire
32056 Zofenoprilat Acyl-β-D-glucuronide Details Inquire
32059 Zolazepam Details Inquire
D32060 Zolazepam-d3 Details Inquire
32062 Zomepirac O-β-D-Glucuronide Details Inquire
D32065 rac Zosuquidar-d5 .3HCl Details Inquire
Carbohydrates and Derivatives: Carbohydrates and Derivatives Alphabetic Listing
Catalog Number Product Name    
32033 Zebularine Details Inquire
Chelating Agents & Ligands: Chelating Agents, Ligands
Catalog Number Product Name    
32044 Zinpyr-4 Details Inquire
Chiral Reagents: Chiral Reagents Alphabetic Listing
Catalog Number Product Name    
D32028 α-Zearalenol-d7 Details Inquire
32029 β-Zearalenol Details Inquire
D32030 β-Zearalenol-d7 Details Inquire
D32031 rac Zearalenone-d6 Details Inquire
D32058 Zofenoprilat-d5 N-Ethyl Succinimide Details Inquire
32057 Zofenoprilat N-Ethyl Succinimide Details Inquire
D32064 Zotarolimus-d3 Details Inquire
Heterocycles: Heterocyclic Compounds
Catalog Number Product Name    
32048 ZM 213689 (Meropenem impurity)(Mixture of double bond isomers) Details Inquire
D32066 Zuclopenthixol-d4 (-)-10-Camphorsulfonic Acid Salt Details Inquire
32067 Zuclopenthixol Succinate Salt Details Inquire
Inhibitors: All Inhibitors
Catalog Number Product Name    
D75122 Zofenopril-d5 Details Inquire
D75121 Zofenopril-d5 (benzoylsulfanyl-d5) Details Inquire
D32052 Zofenopril-d5 Calcium Salt Details Inquire
D32055 Zofenoprilat-d5 Details Inquire
32054 Zofenoprilat Sodium Salt (90%) Details Inquire
32061 Zoledronic Acid Trihydrate Details Inquire
Metal Isotopes: Metal Isotopes Alphabetical Listing
Catalog Number Product Name    
1712 Zinc 64 Details Inquire
1713 Zinc 66 Details Inquire
1714 Zinc-67 Details Inquire
1716 Zinc 70 Details Inquire
17925 Zinc Gluconate Details Inquire
5837 Zinc Oxide Details Inquire
1717 Zirconium 90 Details Inquire
1718 Zirconium 91 Details Inquire
1719 Zirconium 92 Details Inquire
1720 Zirconium 94 Details Inquire
1721 Zirconium 96 Details Inquire
Nucleic Acid Derivatives - 13C, 2H, 15N: List of Nucleic Acid Derivatives - 13C, 2H, 15N
Catalog Number Product Name    
D3486 trans-Zeatin-d5 Details Inquire
D3489 trans-Zeatin-7-glucoside-d5 Details Inquire
D3490 trans-Zeatin-9-glucoside-d5 Details Inquire
D3491 trans-Zeatin-O-glucoside-d5 Details Inquire
D3492 trans-Zeatin-O-glucoside riboside-d5 Details Inquire
D3488 trans-Zeatin riboside-d5 Details Inquire
Other Research Compounds: Research Compounds
Catalog Number Product Name    
73132 Z-Aad(tBu)-OH·DCHA Details Inquire
73083 Z-dehydro-Ala-Ome Details Inquire
73218 Z-N-Me-Asp(OtBu)-OH·DCHA Details Inquire
CD35735 Zafirlukast-13C-d6 Details Inquire
D35736 Zafirlukast-d7 Details Inquire
Peptides: Custom Peptides
Catalog Number Product Name    
32038 Ziconotide Acetate Details Inquire
Reference Standards: Pharmaceutical Reference Standards
Catalog Number Product Name    
32022 Zaltoprofen Details Inquire
32032 Zeaxanthin, 85% Details Inquire
Reference Standards: Unlabeled Reference Standards
Catalog Number Product Name    
37522 Zileuton Related Compound B Details Inquire
37523 Zileuton Related Compound C Details Inquire
5804 Ziprasidone Details Inquire
Steroids & Hormones: Labeled Steroids & Hormones
Catalog Number Product Name    
D32110 Zymosterol-d5 Details Inquire